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13 Raina Kniaginia Str. 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
tel.: ++359 56 812506, fax: ++359 56 812505
mob.: ++359 889 506 084
E-mail: office@ropotamo.com

Advanced payment of 50% from the package price must be paid by bank transfer against our proforma invoice with the reservation. The
rest of the payment is minimum 10 days before  the day of arrival. All extra expenses (trophy fees, alcohol drinks, telephones) are paid at the last day.  No credit cards or travel cheques accepted.

One month before the hunt starts we have to receive the following information about each hunter:

  • nPassport details – Name, address, passport number, date of issue and expire date.
  • nPhotocopy of the passport and the hunting license (by mail or fax).