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13 Raina Kniaginia Str. 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
tel.: ++359 56 812506, fax: ++359 56 812505
mob.: ++359 889 506 084
E-mail: office@ropotamo.com
Ropotamo Hunting exists since 1995. At the beginning our main activity was
organizing hunting in Bulgaria for our clients from Germany, France, Italy and
Greece. Through all these years we have established contacts with almost all the biggest
companies, organizing hunting  trips all around the world and we have attended their
customers in Bulgaria. We have been visiting the majour hunting fairs in Europe and we keep i touch with some of the most reliable hunting outfitters in Africa, America  and Asia.
For some of our clients (mainly from Greece) we have organized successfull  hunting in Africa, Asia and America 
In the last years raised the interest from Bulgarian hunters in hunting around the
world. For most hunters the word “safari” means hunting in Africa, but there are a
lot of other destinations around the world in all the continents, that can be of interest
for every hunter.

Ropotamo Co.
Rajna Knjaginja 13, 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
Tel. ++359 56 812506, fax: ++359 56 812505
Mobile: ++359 889 506 084